At Behind the Meter we take a holistic approach looking at supply and what is driving your Energy demand cost. With a quick site visit and a review of your bills we can get started with an energy plan to lower your energy cost.

When developing an energy plan we consider the following:


Current Providers

Computer Equipment


Custom Efficiencies

Compressed Air  and Fluid System Optimization

Food Service Equipment



Motor & Drives

Refrigeration Commissioning

Commercial Refrigeration Efficiency

DataCenter Efficiency



Limited Time Promotion $2,000 Value

If you sign up to switch your natural gas service over to Emporia we will monitor your electric usage at no charge for three months. Monitoring will help you understand what is driving your bill.  You will see when your peak KW demand is occurring and understand your usage patterns.  The monitoring will allow you to make targeted decisions about energy savings.

Behind the Meter monitor's your energy usage, then targets the areas that drive your cost with real turnkey solutions, backed up with before and after proof of savings using the monitoring.

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Shaffer before and after

Monitoring Electric Usage

Real time remote monitoring of your energy use

 Multiple 3 phase input monitoring will show you electric usage real time patterns and loads throughout the day, week and month.  Understanding the usage will expose areas of potential savings with the best ROI. Understand early and save going forward.

Split your electric bill


Split up a utility bill whether you have a multi-tenant warehouse, offices or want to sub-meter a 100-unit condominium.

30 Day Monitoring / Metering (Rentals Available)

 Measure residential or commercial circuit panels, up to 3-phase 277/480VAC and 6900A. Our meters have HomePlug AV powerline communication, an Ethernet port, and 2 USB ports for additional options, like WiFi and serial. The user can access meter data using the free user interface, or with other systems using a published XML API, Modbus, or BACnet IP. The embedded web server allows the user to connect to the interface over the internet or on a local area network. Each unit has a data logger that stores up to 64 data points for the lifetime of the hardware, and the user can access data as granular as 1-second averages for the most recent hour of recording. The meter is an accurate and flexible solution for monitoring multiple circuits in any residential or commercial energy monitoring application.  Perfect for 30-day meter demand/load studies to meet NEC 220.87 requirements.

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Request a 15 minute site visit, Lets get started