HVAC Optimization


  For over 70 years there has been very little technological advances in heating and air conditioning.  Traditional air conditioning has recently been turned on its head with advancements in airflow technology and variable capacity controls. 

The HVAC optimizer is a control package designed for rooftop unit retrofits. The technology was developed for use on single zone packaged rooftop units with either gas/electric heat or air source heat pump configurations. Using load matching technology, it can turn a constant volume constant capacity unit into a variable capacity system. Studies indicate that implementation of a HVAC optimizer system can result in a 40% to 60% average reduction in energy consumption and 30% to 60% decline in demand. These savings are created by modulating the speed of both the compressor(s) and indoor fan. Due to the lowered capacity, the HVAC optimizer reduces unit cycling, creating spaces that have more controlled humidity levels.

Digi-RTU® – Optimizer for packaged rooftop units, heat pumps, split units
Digi-CRAC® – Optimizer for computer room air conditioning unit
Digi-VAV® – Optimizer for variable air volume system
Digi-ACC® – Optimizer for chillers and chilled water pump system
Digi-VFS® – Optimizer for fan and pump flow and loop pressure controls

Case Studies


Solving heating and cooling issues with DECStar HALO technology:



DECStar isn't just about energy savings.  The unique blower design has higher pressures than typical HVAC blowers and can move more air under greater resistance.  If you have a room in your facility that never gets any air, DECStar could be the solution to restrictive ductwork.