If I currently purchase natural gas from Xcel Energy, may I shop for a better price?

Yes, we offer Emporia Energy natural gas. Save up to 10 percent or more on your natural gas commodity. There is no change to the energy you receive, just savings, more choice and better customer service.

Why would I want to monitor my electric usage?

"You can't manage what you can't measure." Installing our energy monitoring and targeting system creates a transparent layer of understanding as to exactly how, where and when the electricity is used, and more importantly identifies if you are wasting energy.

Does it cost anything to have a monitor installed?

If you are a current customer purchasing Emporia Energy natural gas we will put an electric monitor on your building for free.

How much in savings are you finding?

Every job is different.  The US has an energy efficiency of 42%, which means 58% is wasted.   Our findings are similar.

In what areas are you finding electric savings opportunities?

Change of behavior after reviewing electrical monitoring results, upgrading to LED lighting, HVAC systems, smart thermostats and motor controls.

Will the process of saving money on energy take much of my time?

No. We can save you on natural gas by you authorizing Emporia Energy to supply the natural gas commodity. The electrical monitoring and electrical savings we handle from start to finish.  If you have the time we recommend you take a look at the results. If not you will see them on your utility bills.

What is NEC CODE 220.87?


The National Electric Code (NEC) exists to protect both people and property from potential hazards. Before adding equipment to your electrical system, it is recommended that a 30-day load / power study is performed to protect you from potential system overload. The NEC Code 220.87 Determining Existing Loads specifies that the calculation of a feeder or service load for existing installations shall be permitted to use actual maximum demand to determine the existing load under all of the following conditions:

  1. The maximum demand data is available for a 1-year period.
  2. The maximum demand at 125% plus the new load does not exceed the ampacity of the feeder or rating of the service.
  3. The feeder has overcurrent protection in accordance with 240.4, and the service has overload protection in accordance with 230.90.


It appears one would need to have a pre-installed data logger for the 1-year period of data. However, there is an exception to the rule that electrical contractors and engineers will appreciate. The rule states:

If the maximum demand data for a 1-year period is not available, the calculated load shall be permitted to be based on the maximum demand (measure of average power demand over a 15-minute period) continuously recorded over a minimum 30-day period. This 30-day period is to be measured using a recording ammeter or power meter connected to the highest loaded phase of the feeder or service, based on the initial loading at the start of the recording.

The recording shall reflect the maximum demand of the feeder or service by being taken when the building or space is occupied and shall include by measurement or calculation the larger of the heating or cooling equipment load, and other loads that may be periodic in nature due to seasonal or similar conditions.

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