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We are dedicated to the continued pursuit of uncovering cost effective energy savings and purchasing solutions that will assist in the success of businesses and property managers as well as contribute to the elimination of energy waste.



The team at Behind the Meter comes with 30 years of master electrician experience, 35 years of process engineering with an emphasis on energy conservation, 28 years of energy market experience, 30 years of experience in construction and 48 years of business ownership. The energy market experience provides the understanding of the distribution and purchasing of energy products.  The construction experience affords the relationships with the trades industry and understanding mechanical operations when implementing cost savings products.  The business ownership experience keep the engineering teams focused on return on investment and how a dollar saved will contribute 100% to bottom line profit for our customer.

The balance of experience allows Behind the Meter to successfully connect the dots between energy saving technologies and wasted energy. We are able to analyze energy environments, offer saving solutions and implement the products that provide results business owners and property managers are looking for.

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