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Understand your energy consumption 

Make responsible decisions regarding energy saving priorities

Cutting edge technology is saving facilities up to 50% on utilities


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We will monitor your energy usage and implement a targeted savings plan

Usage analysis will provide the comfort of  knowing current energy demand usage and quality of power.  The information can provide the basis of an energy savings plan.

Turnkey Solutions for Cost Reductions

Behind The Meter will provide an energy management monitoring system that will point to several opportunities for energy savings.  Simply pick some or all the energy saving zones and monitor the reduction of usage.  Typical energy solutions include LED lighting/controls, motor controls, Chillers, IT coolers, comfort cooling, air handling, battery storage and solar.

Energy Management Solution - Retail Natural Gas

Save up to 10 percent or more on your natural gas bill by switching to Emporia Energy as your gas commodity supplier.

Energy Incentives

We keep abreast of the latest energy saving incentives, which are often government backed. Our team can tap into a global network of professionals from within the industry to ensure our customers realize the benefits of these initiatives through the implementation of behind the meter saving strategies and technologies.


R & R Millworks

"When I returned, I was shocked!  The VFD Behind The Meter put on my dust collector gave us an unexpected benefit…it is quiet!!!  There is such a big difference in the noise level in the shop.  This may allow me to get rid of my OSHA requirement that everyone wear hearing protection in our shop."


Longmont Ford

“Working with Team at Behind the Meter was easy and informative.  They were able to reduce our energy consumption substantially as well as leverage the maximum amount of energy rebates lowering the overall cost for a lighting upgrade.  The Behind the Meter energy team was thorough and did excellent work. “


Markets We Serve

  • Manufactoring
  • Multifamily
  • Student/University Housing
  • Military Housing
  • Hospitality
  • Affordable Housing
  • Office Buildings
  • Commercial
  • Senior Living
  • Assisted Living
  • Industrial
  • Retail
  • Hospitals
  • Mills

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